Knitted Mesh Concentrate Pad Functions in E-cigarette – Support, Isolation, Filtration, & Heating

Knitted mesh concentrate pads, also known as concentrate vaporizers, are stainless steel liquid pads that add no residual flavor to the vapor path, and they slot directly into the chamber sitting comfortably between the chamber wall and the mouthpiece, mainly to provide support, isolation, filtration, and heating when working with wax oils and solid concentrates. Please select the appropriate accessories carefully to ensure the proper operation of your device.

Installation of knitted mesh concentrate pad in an e-cigarette


  • Tight-fitting uniformly strong chambers
  • Can be used as a tobacco chamber reducer
  • Prevent concentrates from leaking into the e-cigarette device
  • Allow for even melting and vaporizing of waxy concentrates in e-cigarettes

Use Methods

  1. Choose favorite wax or liquid
  2. Drop the wax or liquid onto the concentrate pad
  3. Place the concentrate pad into the e-cigarette device

Concentrate Pad Cleaning Steps

  1. Remove the concentrate pad and soak in sterilized alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) for about 30 minutes.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry before re-use.