Copper Knitted Mesh with Flatten and Ginning Type

Copper knitted mesh is available for two main materials: one is pure copper, which contains 99% copper and the other is tinned copper, which contains 6% - 8% tin.

The materials are knitted into knitted mesh. The knitted mesh can be mono-filament and multi-filament. The mono-filament is the simplest structure of knitted mesh and the multi-filament knitted mesh has higher strength and can be used in more applications.

A mono-filament copper knitted mesh on the gray background.

CKM-01: Mono-filament copper knitted mesh.

A hand is holding a multi-filament copper knitted mesh.

CKM-02: Multi-filament copper knitted mesh.

There are two types of copper knitted mesh, which are flatten copper knitted mesh and ginning copper knitted mesh. The original knitted mesh is flat, and they can be crimped according to customers' requirements to form ginning copper knitted mesh.

A roll of flatten copper knitted mesh on the white background.

CKM-03: Flatten copper knitted mesh.

Several small rolls of ginning knitted meshes on the white background.

CKM-04: Ginning copper knitted mesh.

Advantages of copper knitted mesh

  • High strength.
  • Firm structure.
  • Will not scratch or mar.
  • Never rust.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Resistant to disintegration.
  • Reusable.
  • Long service life.

Applications of copper knitted mesh
Copper knitted mesh can be used for industrial, for example, copper knitted wire mesh filters is used for cleaning and filtration. Our copper knitted mesh is widely used as air filters, breathers and separators made for cars, trucks and farm equipment.

  • Copper knitted mesh can be used as knitted wire mesh shielding in cables and other applications.
  • Copper knitted mesh can be used as filtration materials in oil, gas and water filtration applications.
  • Copper knitted mesh can be used as knitted copper cleaning mesh for cleaning inside and outside of mechanical parts.
  • Copper knitted mesh can be made into knitted cleaning balls or scourer to cleaning kitchenware and soldering iron.
Several rolls of copper knitted shielding meshes on the white background.

CKM-05: Copper knitted mesh is used as shielding mesh.

Four copper knitted cleaning balls on the white background.

CKM-06: Copper knitted mesh is made into cleaning balls.