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Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh Tubes - Avoid Creasing

Stainless steel knitted tubes, with soft and flexible structure, is excellent to cover fabrics and easy to lay flat against it.

Cylindrical Compressed Knitted Mesh Filter

Stainless steel 304, 304L cylindrical compressed knitted mesh filter, nominal filtration level 60-150 Micron, porosity 50%, temperature 40 to 120 Celsius.

AISI304, AISI316 Knitted Wire Stocking

AISI304, AISI316 knitted wire stocking mesh in circular pattern for insulation purpose and as filters, or made to demister pads.

Stainless Steel / Monel Demister Pad

Stainless steel 321, 304 / Monel demister pad, mist pad and evaporation demister mesh, with or without carbon steel grid supports.

Stainless Steel Compressed Knitted Mesh Filter

Stainless steel Compressed knitted mesh filter ring, seal, demister pad for emission control and diesel particulate filter axial load absorber purpose.

Stainless Steel Knitted Mesh

Stainless Steel AISI304, 316, 321, 309 knitted wire mesh and aluminum knitted mesh filter here, but copper knitted mesh is the best.

SS304 Knitted Mesh Gasket

SS304 Knitted mesh gasket for oilfield application, wire diameter 0.002", 0.0025", 0.011", ID, OD, density and thickness according your requirement.

Knitted Copper Cleaning Mesh

Knitted copper cleaning mesh is used for cleaning the screws and barrels of machine, and against the snails in garden and backyard, wire 0.1mm to 0.35mm.

Pressed Knitted Copper Mesh

Pressed knitted copper mesh cylinder, disc, filter part, can withstand the weight of a person, ultrasonic wave cleaning, no burr, use for medical.

Tin Coated Copper Knitted Wire Mesh Tape

Electro tin plated copper mesh tape for cable manufacture and as EMI shielding, aluminum, bronze, and galvanized steel materials also offered.

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