Knitted Mesh Wire Tapes - Tin coated copper mesh

A hand on a roll of tin plated copper knitted wire mesh tape
  • Knitted Mesh Wire Tapes for cable manufacturer
    Materials: Tinned Copper, but also in Aluminum, Bronze, and Galvanized Steel.
    Wire diameter: 0.002" to 0.0209".
    Width: 4".
    Packaged in pads on 3" ID or 6" ID fiber/cardboard cores.
    This type knitted wire tape also can be used on production line tape wrapping equipment.
  • Electro Tin plated copper mesh tape
    Width: 25 mm.
    Dia. of wire: 0.11 mm.
    Roll length: 20 mtrs.
    These tapes are required for 220 kV Cable joints.
  • Tin coated copper mesh - 60 mm width
    Wire diameter: 0.1 mm.
    4 wires in 1 thread.
    14 meshes in width direction.
  • Tin coated copper mesh - 100 mm width
    Wire diameter: 0.12 mm.
    4 wires in 1 thread.
    22 meshes in width direction.
  • Copper tinned knitted wire mesh tape
    Wire diameter: 0.1 mm.
    Width: 120 mm.
    Roll length: 50 m.
    Fine mesh or medium fine.
    Use it as EMI shielding.

Packaging: Each 1 lb roll will be placed in clear plastic bag with zip lock. Clear plastic bags will be placed in master carton approximately 24" × 20" × 20". Master cartons will be placed in wooden boxes or on pallets.