Stainless Steel and Copper Knitted Wire Muffler

A working knitting machine in the workshop.
KWMF-01: Advanced circle knitting machine can ensure the precision of knitted wire muffler.

The noise of engine or other auto parts may be have two source. One is caused by engine itself, which produce a series of waves that bounce from one surface to another. And the other source is shake. When the exhaust pipe, fastener and other engine parts moves, they will cause shake and noise. Noise problem is one of the most important problems to solve. knitted wire muffler is an ideal material to solve these problems.

Knitted wire muffler is made of various materials, which can be stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and other metal wires. The wires are knitted by advanced circle knitting machine to form a series knitted wire mesh with interlocking-loop structure. Then the knitted wire mesh are compressed by machine to become different shapes, diameters and types of compressed knitted wire mesh.

Five circle shape knitted wire mufflers on the black background.
KWMF-02: Circle shape knitted wire muffler.
Seven cylinder shape knitted wire mufflers on the black background.
KWMF-03: Cylinder shape knitted wire muffler.

Operating principle
Physical noise barrier. When the waves of noise bounce from one surface to another, knitted wire mesh muffler has enough accessible surface which can be used to bounce off the noise. It can effectively trapping the noise inside of the element.

Reduce vibrating. When the engine works, the exhaust pipe and other fasteners will impart each other and cause vibration, this vibration will cause the noise, when you assemble the knitted wire muffler onto the fasteners, it can reduce the vibration and noise. Additional, when the knitted wire muffler imparts the pipe, it will convert the sound to thermal energy, effectively dampening, absorbing and dissipating equipment and plant generated noise through an intricate path between a sound source and the ear.

The main shape of knitted wire muffler is circle, it can also be cylinder or other shapes to suit different engines and applications.

Features of knitted wire muffler

  • Wide range of materials for choice.
  • Outstanding sound attenuating property.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Acid and alkali resistance.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy to install and replace.
  • Suit for different design configurations
  • Durable and long service life.
  • Reduce gas erosion and enhance the muffler lifespan.

Application of knitted wire muffler

  • Knitted wire muffler can be used as physical barrier in the small engine and motorized tools to trapping the noise inside of the element.
  • Knitted wire mesh muffler can also be installed on the exhaust pipe and other places to reduce vibrate and noise caused by the vibrating.
A knitted wire mesh muffler is installed on the fastener of the exhaust pipe.
KWMF-04: Knitted wire mesh muffler can reduce noise caused by vibrating.
A knitted wire muffler is installed on the exhaust pipe.
KWMF-05: Knitted wire muffler can be a physical barrier to trapping noise inside of the element.

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