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PTFE Monofilament Knitted Wire Mesh Demister Pad

PTFE monofilament knitted wire mesh with hole size 7.53 mm

PTFE Monofilament Knitted wire Mesh Demister Pad

Width of the knitted wire mesh: 700 mm.

Material: PTFE.

PTFE monofilament.

Wire diameter: 0.4 - 0.5 mm.

Quantity of mesh per 100 cm2: 330 larger mesh, and 330 smaller mesh.

Wire cross section: diamond (rhombus, rectangle) with dimension approx. 0.4 - 0.5 mm.

Weight of knitted wire mesh: 250 - 400 g/m2.

Density of knitted wire mesh pad: 250-350 kg/m3.

Surface Area: 800-900 m2/m3.

Free volume: 80% - 85%.

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