Compressed Knitted Wire Mesh - AISI304/ SS316

Compressed knitted wire mesh #1
OD=159 mm, ID=70 mm; H=21.5 mm.
Weight=700 g, wire diameter=0.25 mm.
Material AISI-304.

Compressed knitted wire mesh #2
OD=70, ID=34; H=10.
Weight=85 g.
Wire diameter=0.25 mm.
Material AISI-304.

Knitted wire mesh (N0T Compressed)
OD=52, ID=20.
Weight=45 g.
Wire diameter=0.25.
Material AISI-304.

Compressed Knitted Mesh cylinders
Made of stainless steel 316.
0.1 mm thick wire.
Measuring 14 mm in diameter and 10 mm long.

Knitted wire mesh compressed in ring shape
Knitted wire mesh Not Compressed