Stainless steel knitted mesh filter - AISI304, AISI316

Stainless steel knitted wire mesh 3 × 3 to ASTM A-437
Material: 304 ss, ASTM A478;
Width: minimum 3 ft, maximum 4 ft.
Mesh per linear inch: 3.

AISI304 Knitted mesh in a circular pattern
Knitted mesh AISI304.
Wire diameter: 0.10".
Width of the roll: 19".
Length of the roll: 40'.

Stainless Steel 304 knitted mesh
Material: Stainless Steel 304.
Wire diameter: 0.1 - 0.15 mm.
Mesh size: 3 mm.
Width: 0.35 m.
Weight: 200 - 350 g/meter.

AISI 304 knitted Mesh Filter
Material: stainless steel AISI 304.
Wire diameter: 0.5 mm.
Roll width: 120 mm.
Roll length: 35 m.

SS316 Knitted sheet for insulation purpose
Wire diameter: 0.2 mm.
Hole Size: 3 mm.
Pitch distance: 8 mm.
Width: 700 mm.
Length: 5000 mm.

Flat knitted mesh fabric
Made from 304, 316L, 321L or 324L stainless.
Wire diameter 0.15 - 0.36 mm.
Mesh count between 150 to 200 wires per inch.
Roll width 70 mm.
Roll length 55 m.

Steel woven mesh filter
Steel wire thickness: 0.13 mm.
Mesh size: 2 mm × 2 mm.
Mesh diameter: 70 mm flattened state.
Stainless steel wire AISI304.
Stainless steel wire AISI216.
Weight: 17 - 20 g/meter.

Stainless steel knitted braided rope
Steel wire thickness: 0.11 - 0.13 mm.
Mesh size: 2 mm × 2 mm.
Rope diameter: 10 mm.

Knitted stainless steel mesh roll
Made of 304 stainless steel.
Wire diameter: 0.0095-inch or 0.011-inch (0.2 to 0.3 mm).
6 to 8 openings per inch.
Each opening size is 3 to 4 mm (this is not so important, please ask supplier what they can do).
Width: 1000 mm.

Stainless steel knitted mesh
Width: 4 cm.
Wire diameter: 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm.
Length: 40 m.
Used for jacketed insulation.

Knitted SS Wire Stocking
Wire 0.45 mm × 0.12 mm thick flattened wire.
Material: SS 304.
Width of the stocking: 120 mm.
Length: 35 m/roll.

304 Stainless Knitted Wire Mesh
Wire Diameter: 0.002" to 0.0025".
Flat mesh Width: 85 mm.
Approximately 26 needles.
Roll length 40 m.

Knitted wire mesh galvanized flat wire
Width 590 mm needles 180.
Width 500 mm needles 150.
Width 400 mm needles 120.
Starting wire 0,24 mm.
Flat wire 0,11 max 0,13 mm.
Crimped 4 - 5 mm.
Rolls 25 kg continuous.
No holes not oiled.

SS knitted mesh - AISI 304
Wire diameter 0.14 mm, 0.28 mm.
Width 1040 mm.
Roll length 50 m.
knitted stainless Steel mesh installed into an engine filler tube to control oil that is being expelled as it breaths out.

Knitted wire mesh tube
Mesh: 13 mesh.
Wire material: Monel 400.
Open Area: 90%.
Wire Diameter: 0.1 mm.
Opening: Average 2.0 mm.
Diameter of Knitted wire mesh: 40 mm.
Length of Knitted wire mesh: 1300 mm.
knitted wire mesh tube is a better way of preventing mice nibbling electric wires and plastic water pipes, and wrapping them in knitted wire mesh could solve the problem.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh
Material: AISI 304.
Mesh: 20 × 20 mesh.
Wire diameter: 0.2 mm.
Roll size: 1 m × 30 m.
Quantity: 2 rolls.

Stainless steel woven wire mesh
Twilled Dutch weave.
Material: AISI304.
Size: 80 ×700 mesh × 0.112/0.08 mm × 1.35 m × 50.0 m × 40 rolls.
Package: Wrapped with plastic film or water-proof paper, then put into wooden cases.

Warm tips: If you design the knitted mesh sheet, you would consider the relationship between wire diameter and the mesh width. For example, One mesh inquiry is 0.14 mm wire SS knitted mesh - AISI 304, Min width 1200 mm - Length 500 m.

The problem is that:

  1. 0.14 mm wire is too thin to bear the whole weight of knitted mesh.
  2. Normally, the wider the knitted mesh, the wire in larger diameter should be used.
  3. The knitted mesh in wire diameter 0.14 mm is too soft to maintain its original shape.

The 0.2 mm SS wire is the ultimate limit of knitted mesh in width of 1200 mm.

About the stainless steel knitted mesh price, we all know the larger order quantity, the more competitive price. As for small order quantities, the production cost can not be reduced. But small trail order is also welcome.

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