Knitted Mesh Tube - No breaking, No Creasing


Knitted mesh, with tubular shape, is generally used to cover fabrics. One of our customer require this stainless steel knitted mesh: 40 mm in width and 0.2 mm wire diameter. Meanwhile, this mesh should be lightweight and capable of being compressed to lay flat against both sides of the fabric. Most of all, all mesh must to be in first-class quality - without any broken zones.

Problem No.1:

Our clients require 2000 ft knitted mesh as trial order. But the knitting needles broke some times during production, since knitting needles can not bear long time running. And this cause some broken zones.


  1. We confirm the use length with our clients: no less than 42 feet is workable for them. Thus, we remove the broken zones and cut them into pieces according to client’s requirement.
  2. With the customers agreements, we adjust the wire diameter to 0.19 mm to minimize the broken zones. And this adjustment gets good results.

Problem No.2:

Normally, knitted mesh are flattened and rolled for convenient. But our customer feedback that some edges of the mesh creases if tightly rolled. And they want us roll the mesh loosely next time.


To avoid creasing, we wrap the knitted mesh to a paper core as the picture above. And this turns out to be effective.

A piece of flattened knitted mesh in a woman’s hand.

Flattened knitted mesh tube without any defects.

A roll of stainless steel knitted mesh.

Knitted mesh in rolls for easy shipping.

Eight rolls of stainless steel knitted mesh with paper pores are put into a carton case.

Knitted mesh are wrapped to a paper core to avoid creases.