Knitted Copper Cleaning Mesh Cleans Screws and Barrels

A roll of knitted copper cleaning mesh in plastic film bag

knitted copper cleaning mesh is mainly used for cleaning the screws and barrels of machine. Knitted wire copper mesh also can used to against the snails in garden and backyard.

Knitted copper cleaning mesh #1
Hole size: 4 - 8 mm.
Wire Dia.: 0.22 to 0.35 mm.
Flattened Width: 10 mm.
Used to clean extruder parts like barrel, cross-head, dies, etc.

Copper knitted cleaning mesh #2
Wire diameter: 0.1 - 0.15 mm.
Mesh size: 3 mm.
Width: 0.35 m.
Weight: 230 - 420 g/meter.

Knitted copper cleaning mesh #3
Width: 125 mm.
Wire diameter: 0.3 mm.
Weight per meter: 0.10 kg to 0.13 kg per meter.
Quantity: 20 kg.