Pressed Knitted Copper Mesh Filter Part, Cylinder, Disc

Pressed knitted copper mesh cylinder filter

Pressed knitted copper mesh cylinder
Cylinder diameter: 40 cm.
Cylinder height: 50 cm.
Inside hollow.
Wall thickness: 4 cm.

Pressed knitted copper mesh disc
Diameter: 40 cm.
Height: 6 cm.
Density: can withstand the weight of a person, a person stand on the disc and the disc to still keep its form and not change.

Knitted press filter part
Diameter: 12.950 mm (+/-0.05 mm).
Thickness : 6.75 mm (+/- 0.25 mm).
Weight: 1.3 to 1.4 gr.
Wire dia.: 0.19 mm, SS304.
Packaging by zip bag.
Cleaning requirements: very clean, it’s for medical.
Surface treatment: acid cleaning or high grade cleaning - clean it by Ultrasonic wave.
Surface result: no burr, no wire out, no possibility to open the filter.