Knitted Mesh Applications – Aim to Provide Our Customers with Comprehensive Solutions

It is an honor to say that Boegger has been cooperating with clients from various industries globally for over 20 years. During this time, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services and products, and delivering comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our collaboration with clients goes beyond simply providing products and services; it is about gaining deep understanding of their needs and challenges. Our clients possess industry-leading expertise, and communicate with us with innovative and practical ideas. Besides, they also actively participate in our custom designs. In a process of adjustments and refinements, we continuously optimize and improve our products until they successfully enter the market and start mass production.

Today, our services cover aerospace, electronic equipment, automotive industry, industrial filtration, industrial consumables, shielded rooms, military enterprises, electronic communications, pharmaceuticals, electrolytic hydrogen production, fuel cells, chlor-alkali production, testing equipment, etc.

Many workers are checking the plane in the workshop.

Our knitted mesh is an ideal choice for aerospace applications. Our high quality raw material offers excellent resistant to high temperatures, low temperatures, corrosion, acids, alkalis and abrasion in harsh, extreme environments. It can be used in a wide range of critical systems in commercial, military and general aviation aircraft, for example, filtration of aerospace castings, bonding of composites, elastomeric seals for fuselage doors and windows, and support bushings for engine injector ducts.

A ship is sailing on the ocean.

The ocean is known to be a harsh and extreme application environment and puts high requirements on the performance stability and safety of the products used. Our knitted mesh is made of SS316L, Monel, 904L and super duplex steel to ensure reliable performance in such conditions. It can be used for fire control systems in engine rooms, flame arrestors for life-saving equipment, electromagnetic gaskets, compatibility shielding or electrical sealing of marine electronics, and sea spray filters for cabin air intakes.

A doctor is operating the body scanner.
Healthcare Industry

Our knitted mesh is a very versatile material that is ideally suited for being used in the fields of medicine, medical research and healthcare devices. By cooperating with organizations engaged in relevant medical research, our products can be used in the fields of assisting implants and stents, tissue culture and prosthesis development. In addition, we can supply manufacturers of complex medical equipment for the production of body scanners, X-ray equipment and nebulizers, etc.

Oil and gas plant at night
Oil & Gas

Our knitted wire mesh is widely used in the oil and gas industry. It can work normally in extreme high temperatures, extreme low temperatures and corrosive conditions. Its specific applications include ventilation systems, flame arrestors, filters, mist eliminators, gas detection, signal detection, and insulation systems.

A man is standing on the tank covered by knitted mesh

Military related applications require that product materials can function stably in harsh environments. Our knitted mesh features self-extinguishing, flame-retardant, shock-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, so it meets the safety needs of many defense applications.

The tower crane is working.

Knitted mesh can also be used in a variety of tailor-made equipment for surface (open pit) and underground mining. Our high quality knitted mesh ensures safe working conditions and productivity in these most challenging environments.

Orange electronic circuit display
Electronics and Communications Engineering

Modern electronic technology requires security and protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Backed by extensive electromagnetic expertise, we design, develop and manufacture a wide range of highly elasticity knitted mesh products to meet the shielding needs of the electronics, aerospace, military, commercial, telecommunications and medical industries.

6 chemical formulas consisting of ball-and-stick models and electrical signals

Our knitted mesh has many uses in the electrochemical industry. For example, it can be used in the production of fuel cells and in the development of the latest generation of batteries. Knitted mesh is electrically conductive and compressible. Its structural elasticity, material heat and corrosion resistance as well as its excellent geometrical properties make it an ideal choice for being used as a material for electrical contacts and compensating elements in the chlor-alkali, fuel cell, power gas generation and water electrolysis industrial sectors.

Curved knitted mesh is placed on the ground.

Knitted mesh is a unique and creative design material. Due to its structural flexibility, it can be stretched, compressed and shaped. Besides, it is cost-effective and offers high value-added potential in the finished products. As a result, aside from industrial applications, artists, designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts often purchase our knitted mesh, especially artists, designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts often purchase our knitted wire mesh, especially copper knitted mesh.

Airplane, ship and truck transport goods all over the world.

Anti-vibration and acoustic control components for public transportation systems also use our knitted mesh. Thanks to its unique advantages of inherent high strength and low weight, knitted mesh can be applied to floating floors and seat supports in railway and subway vehicles, as well as to composite fabrics that prevent seats from being illegally damaged.

Knitted mesh is used as zoo fencing.
Zoo Fencing

Due to the special structure of knitted mesh, it is both durable and flexible, making it an ideal choice for being used as bird aviary and animal enclosures. It can form a barrier to protect birds and animals from dangerous predators or pests, while its lightweight and flexible construction minimizes damage to the animals and birds.

Composite knitted mesh products of various sizes are displayed.
Composite Material

Knitted mesh can also be used to make lightweight and strong advanced composite components that can be used in harsh environments. Its applications ranges from composite support layers and molding devices, to physical barriers in safety composites, and shielding gaskets and graphite assemblies used as valve seals.

A round knitted mesh with a handle

Adjusting the structure of a knitted mesh can make it an ideal choice for being used in a variety of cleaning applications. For example, we can use flat wires and round to produce knitted mesh and customize wire diameters and mesh sizes upon request; we can also use stainless steel, copper and brass materials to make knitted mesh. We can deliver it in rolls or reprocess it into cleaning balls. These cleaning balls are widely used in industries (especially plastic extrusion), restaurants and hotels.

Knitted mesh filter elements in various shapes

Unlike the flat structure of plain weave wire mesh, knitted mesh has a unique interlocking ring structure. This structure increases the contact area with gases and liquids, therefore, it provides unique advantages in mist and droplet removal. By using layered stacking, winding or compression fabrication processes, it not only increases the contact area, but also a forms a zigzag path inside, so as to efficiently trap particles and eliminate droplets from gases. In addition, this structure ensures minimal pressure drop.