Multi-application of Knitted Mesh

Knitted wire mesh, also called knit wire, knitted mesh, is a type of wire mesh with interlocking loops structures. It is high strength, flexible, soft and resilient. All these characteristics make knitted wire mesh a multi-application material.

Knitted wire mesh can be made of metal, alloy, polypropylene and other materials, which has different features to be used in various applications. The metal knitted wire mesh is high strength, corrosion and rust resistance, acid, alkali and high temperature resistance, which can be used in the harsh environments. The polypropylene knitted wire mesh is soft and corrosion resistance, which can be used in the demister pad and other applications.

The main application of knitted wire mesh are as follows:

  • Shielding. Knitted wire mesh made of stainless steel wire, copper wire, nickel and monel wires has excellent shielding performance in the applications. The main products used in the shielding applications are knitted wire mesh gasket and knitted wire mesh tape.
    • Knitted wire mesh gasket can be all-metal or knitted wire mesh with elastomer or foam core. Different shapes and styles of knitted wire mesh gasket is mainly used in the removable doors, panels and sheets used in the EMI/RFI shielding applications. It have excellent sealing and shielding performance.
    • Knitted wire mesh tape is mainly used in the cable shielding applications. It can be twined or covered onto cables for excellent shielding performance. Knitted wire mesh gasket can be stainless steel, copper or brass materials.
    Several different types of knitted mesh gasket on the gray background.

    Knitted wire mesh gasket for shielding.

    Two rolls of knitted wire mesh tape on the table.

    Knitted wire mesh tape for shielding.

  • Filtering. Knitted wire mesh has outstanding advantages than other products used in filtering gas and liquid. Knitted mesh can be made into metal or PP materials wire mesh for different applications and environments. The typical products of knitted mesh used for filtering are knitted wire demister pad, knitted mesh mist eliminator, compressed knitted mesh and knitted mesh engine breather.
    • The knitted wire demister pad refers to device made of PP wires to eliminate and remove droplets in the gas.
    • The knitted mesh mist eliminator has the similar function with the demister pad, but it is made of metal wires, which are acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance.
    • Compressed knitted wire mesh can be used in the airbags to prevent the particles from entering the airbag and affect the performance of airbag. It can also be used in the gas and liquid separators for gas and liquid separating and filtering.
    • Knitted mesh engine breather refers to the device with knitted wire mesh in the engines. It can remove the oil and moisture droplets in the emission to reduce emission and protect air environment.
    A knitted wire mesh mist eliminator on the ground.

    Knitted wire mesh demister pad for filtering.

    Several stainless steel compressed knitted wire mesh on the gray background.

    Compressed knitted wire mesh for filtering.

  • Cleaning. Knitted wire mesh is soft and excellent cleaning performance. it can be used in the industrial and our daily life for cleaning applications. The main products used in the cleaning application are knitted copper cleaning mesh and knitted cleaning balls.
    • The knitted copper cleaning mesh refers to the knitted cleaning mesh made of copper or tinned copper steel wire. The knitted copper cleaning mesh is commonly used in the industrial fields to clean the inside and outside of mechanical parts. Soft structure will not leave scratches.
    • The knitted cleaning balls can be copper, brass, galvanized and stainless steel. Various materials of cleaning balls are widely used in our daily life to clean the kitchenware, including chopping boards, pans, gas cookers.
    A knitted copper cleaning mesh is cleaning the machine.

    Knitted copper cleaning mesh is mainly used for cleaning machines and tools.

    A hand is cleaning the bowl by the stainless steel knitted cleaning ball.

    Knitted mesh cleaning ball is mainly used to clean daily supplies.

  • Muffling. Knitted wire mesh used for muffling refers to the knitted wire muffler, which is widely used in the automotive and other applications. The knitted wire muffler is made of stainless steel wire and galvanized wire, they all have excellent corrosive and rust resistance to be used in the harsh environments. Knitted wire muffler can be a physical barrier to trapping the noise in the element. Additional, the knitted wire muffler can also be installed on the fasteners of exhaust pipe and other parts for vibration attenuation and noise reduction.
    A knitted wire mesh muffler is installed on the fastener of the exhaust pipe.

    Knitted wire mesh muffler can reduce noise caused by vibrating.

    A knitted wire muffler is installed on the exhaust pipe.

    Knitted wire muffler can be a physical barrier to trapping noise inside of the element.